Saturday 4th March 2017

Having never knowingly seen a true Starling murmuration, recent days have held large numbers of roosting Starlings on the reed bed at Nosterfield. So once the rain faired up we ventured over to the area and waited along with a few other like minded souls.
At approximately 5:30 the Starlings appeared, to start with in only small groups, but quite quickly they built up into large numbers and the spectacle began.
If you are to close to the roost then it doesn’t do it justice as the birds are literally on top of you, but the patterns and numbers were well worth the wait. I’m not sure how many thousand birds there were, and how they all know to return to the Reed beds is one of Natures amazing secrets, but this is something that anyone would find inspiring and if you get a chance in the winter months its well worth the effort.
Also on Flaske were Kingfisher, Little Owl and the long staying immature ♂ Smew.


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