Saturday 18th February 2017

A Duck that has eluded me for many years is the Ring Necked Duck. A couple of weeks ago a ♂ was located on Lingham Lake at Nosterfield, however it had gone the following day when I tried to see it.
So with news of another (or the same) bird at Marfield Wetlands Nature Reserve, which is only a couple of miles West from Nosterfield, I ventured over on Saturday and was fortunate enough to see the bird, all be it somewhat distant. The Ring Necked Duck is predoninantly a North American Duck, very similar to our Tufted Duck, and its very easy to miss the bird when the views are not great. The Bird seemed to spend most of its time in the company of a pair of Pochard, however there were a lot of Tufties around. Also on the Lake were Goosander and Little Grebe.
Moving back to Flaske Lake at Nosterfield, an Immature ♂ Smew was present and although not yet in its finest plumage, shortly it will be.


Pochard, Ring Necked Duck and Tufted Duck (L-R) for comparison

Sunday remained dry and warming up a little, so a walk over Hawnby Moor produced 3 Common Buzzards, Golden Plover and a Peregrine chasing Skylarks.


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