Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th January 2018

Its not very often I would spend 2 days on the local patch but as the recent Hawfinch eruption continues to grow, the weekend was spent searching local areas where the birds might possibly be located.
Saturday was the most prolific day with birds seen in my Garden, 6 in Church Lane, 3 in the Church Yard, 2 in South Lane, 3 in Rectory Lane and 2 others in Dog Kennel Lane.
Sunday the birds were a little more elusive with a single bird in the NP Car Park in the Centre of the village, 3 Birds in Rectory Lane and 7 Birds in the Church Yard area.
Also seen was the over wintering Green Sandpiper on Thornton Carrs and a Grey Wagtail on the stream.
Sadly the day will eventually come when the Hawfinch disperse from whence they came and we will look back at this period as Halcyon Days. Until then make the most of it.


Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Just before Christmas a Desert Wheatear was found near Whitby Abbey on the Cleveland Way. I saw the bird then but it was always very distant and far to far away for any photos. In fact without a Scope it was not possible to see it.
However the bird has remained into the New Year and as I’m working no more than a couple of minutes away, I popped around at lunch time and the bird was only a few metres away from the Car Park flitting in typical Wheatear fashion between the fence and stone wall. The bird is a 1st Winter ♂ but it was much closer and easy to view in the brief time I was there. Also present was a ♂ Stonechat.

Desert Wheatear (27)

Desert Wheatear

Desert Wheatear

Monday 1st January 2018

A New Year and thankfully the recent influx of Hawfinch were still within the vicinity. Despite a showery day I decided on Fountains Abbey and once the heavy rain cleared at least 19 Birds were seen around the West End Car Park eating berries on the Yew Trees. Also in the area were 2 Red Kites, Woodcock and Grey Wagtail.

Hawfinch (1)

The beautiful Hawfinch